Marital adjustment

The Dyadic Adjustment Scale (DAS, Spanier, 1976) is likely the most widely used scale for evaluating the quality and adjustment of a couple’s relationship.

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This scale generates 4 subscales as well as the total shown below; check with me for feedback on these. The other scales are: Marital Consensus, Affection, Cohesion and Satisfaction.

The usual cutoff used to distinguish distressed from non-distressed couples corresponds to a T-score of 42. Most couples below this threshold are distressed.

T-scores can be interpreted as follows:
20-29 far below average satisfaction
30-41 below average
42-59 average range
60-69 above average
70-79 well above average satisfaction
The norms come from a sample of 900 long-term married couples in Minnesota.

Dyadic Adjustment Scale (DAS; Spanier, 1976)